International Clients (outside the U.S.) are not eligible for a Net 30 Credit Account from BCVA Inc. (Cash or Credit Card payment options are available for International Clients). The Net 30 Credit Application must be received No Later than 48 hours Prior to Shoot Call Time. Please have your company representative responsible for incurring expenses complete this online form and submit the form to BCVA Inc. The electronic signature grants your permission for BCVA Inc. to check the company's credit history. It is common to extend credit terms of Net 30 days if a company's credit history is favorable. The application must be submitted with complete information or BCVA Inc. will not be able to process the application. Other terms available are C.O.D. (Cash / Check due at end of Shoot Day) or Credit Card. BCVA Inc. is not responsible for third party collections. Invoices submitted by BCVA Inc. are due promptly according to terms without regard to when a third party might pay your company.

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